Drumming to the Chippewas Beat

From his maroon blazer to his maroon and gold striped mohawk, senior, composition major Kevin Stobbe is a tried and true Chippewas. Stobbe attends every home basketball game to play lead drums and cheer on the Chippewas.

Stobbe has been playing the drums since his dad convinced him to switch from the clarinet in the fifth grade.

“My parents bought me my first drum set when I was in sixth grade and I’ve been drumming out ever since,” explained Stobbe.

Having done marching band in High School, Stobbe set his sights on continuing it at Central and that was where he learned of basketball band. Neely Adkins was the lead drummer when he first started.

“I was under his wing for a couple years, until he graduated, then I took over as principal drummer,” said Stobbe.

Stobbe prefers basketball band over marching band because of the freedom he has to be himself and express himself better. The basketball game is a much more “intimate setting” where Stobbe and the band are right there next to the action. When not concentrating on a song, Stobbe is cheering on the Chippewas, usually louder than the other fans in the stands.

“When you’re that close to the game, you have a direct impacted on the game and that’s what I love about it,” said Stobbe.


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