445: Final Project Proposal

Working Title: Religion of Mount Plesant

1) With more than 80% of its population being some denomination of Christian, Mt Pleasant isn’t exactly a cultural Petri dish. However, there are other religious centers including those of the Jewish, Islamic, and Buddhist faith. I want my project to explore the religions in Mount Pleasant, so that people can go to one place and try to get an understanding of different religions.

2) I will have multiple subjects for this project. I plan on getting passionate people from various religious backgrounds to talk about their faith and how it relates to them and the world around them. It will be necessary to give my audience background information on the different religions that people will be talking about.

3) I plan to get video/photography of the interview subjects while they worship and parts of their daily lives that are influenced directly by their religious faith.

4) I don’t have main subjects yet but hopefully I will have one person from at least four different religious groups in Mt Pleasant and each will give in sight as to why they put their faith in religion.

5) The main elements I want my interview to establish is why people put their faith in their religion and how it effects their daily lives.

6) I want the main part of the project to be a video with the interview of the person from that faith with the b-roll or photographs of their worship/life. Other parts of the multimedia package I hope to include are audio recordings of sermons/prayers.  Maps of where the religious centers are located and some kind of info graphic with background information on the different religions.

7) I’d like to spend two weeks per religion gathering video interview, audio, and photographs during that time. Obviously I can go back to a subject if I need more information but I’d like to work on each religion almost as if they were a separate mini project.

8) Overall I want people viewing my piece to have a new understanding of different religions. More than just learning about different religions but seeing how that religion influences who they are. Maybe people will even considering looking into a religion they had never even thought of before.


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