Final Project Proposal

Death and dying are almost always hard subjects for people to acknowledge and let alone deal with. I want my project to focus on the life part of dying. Those who care for the ones they love when they are dying and how they carry on after. Most of the time when people think about death it is their own or that of their loved ones but rarely on the effect those deaths have on life. I want people to know that even though losing the one you love the most is one of the most painful things in the world, life still carries one and it doesn’t always have to be painful.

I don’t have a subject yet but I am trying to work with Woodland Hospice. People will need to know background information on hospice care and what it means. I’m hoping this information will come out through my subject.

I will be recording the what it means to be in hospice. Most the of people in hospice are close to death and their mobility is limited. I will be recording what what life is like for both the patient and the family members and how simple daily tasks can become extremely difficult.

Write a brief paragraph about each of your main subjects. For each include:
a) who (name, relationship to others, etc)
b) where (where does this person belong in the scheme of things)
c) what (what is the subject’s role, what makes the subject interesting, significant?
what is the subject trying to do or get at?

For each interview list:
a) name, role in project
b) main elements your interview will seek to establish

Ideally (as horrible as it sounds) I would like my project to be split into three parts. In it’s basics would be dying, how the subject and his/her family members are preparing themselves for what is to come, death, and life after death, how people are coping with the loss of a family member.

Shooting schedule

I’m hoping my piece will help people better come to terms with the death of their loved ones. Nothing can make it easier or better but knowing that their are other people that feel the way you do helps make you feel less alone. Also hope people focus on how there are resources available like hospice care to make the transition smoother.


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