Media for the National Park Service


An American Bald Eagle rests in a tree on a hot summer day in northern Wisconsin.

National Parks are one of America’s last undeveloped resources. They are a part of history for people to enjoy and learn from.

As an anthropology major, I have an understanding of what it takes to manage a cultural resource like a national park. The National Park Service has a hard job of preserving parks as well maintaining them as a resources for people. One of the best ways to keep national parks running is tourism. Tourism contributes to the purpose of these parks and helps educate and inform the public on conservation and history.

Media has two main purposes for the National Park Service. It helps promote the park and get people to them. When most people are considering a trip to a national park they will go to the internet to research what the parks have to offer. Photos, videos, and articles highlighting the parks natural beauty and resources will help draw in visitors. The second main purpose of media is to educate people. At any given time parks are full of scientist constantly researching everything from geology to climate change. Media is a great way to inform the public about research continually coming out of national parks.

Being a media intern for the National Park Service will allow me to combine my skills of media with my knowledge of cultural resource management to produce work that will both draw in visitors to parks and educate the public on all that the park has to offer.


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