Care Giver

CNA Sarah Ploughman talks to George to try and wake him up and get him eating his lunch.

Samantha Ploughman is a CNA at the Laurels of Mount Pleasant.

“It’s my job to get them up and moving!” says Ploughman.

Ploughman is responsible for getting people dressed and out of bed and helping with rehabilitation. She will get people walking as far as they can and sometimes even farther.

“She’s better know as slave driver, task master around here,” explained Jimmy, one of the long term care patients at the Laurels.

Ploughman has worked the Laurels for five years now and has enjoyed every minute.

“I love my job. I really do,” said Ploughman, “These people are what makes it so great.”

While there are over 100 residents, both short and long term care, Ploughman knows all of the by name and tries to visit as many of them as possible each day.

Ploughman helps Carol out bed and into her wheelchair. Ploughman is the only nurse that can get Carol to do her exercises and get her to eat.

Ploughman brushes Henry's teeth. Henry recently had a stroke and has little to no function of his arms.

Ploughman helps ease Steven back into his wheel chair after helping him walk down the hall. "It's my job to get them going," explained Ploughman who helps patients walk and stretch.

Ploughman holds onto Margaret as they walk down the hall to get the "100 year old" cookies. Margaret will be turning 101 December 8th.


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