Still Life

ISO100 f/11 1/80

Lighting Setup

For my first still life I actually repeated an assignment I did back in high school. The concept is that you use only white objects and have to use the light to create shadows and differentiate between the whites.

ISO100 f/16 1/250

Lighting Setup

The second still was something I also wanted to try and it was really hard. You can see in my setup photo I had a pan fill with water and then a bag with a small hole to in it creating steady, even drops of water. The problem was getting the time right: taking the photo at just the right moment. I have a good 50 shots of just still water, no drops.


2 thoughts on “Still Life

  1. That is so clever! The hole dripping the water… I would have just poured it again and again while trying to hold the camera with one hand…
    Awesome colors in that one. Great job. It is hard to get a good water drop pic, but you got it!

    I like the idea of the all-white image, but it’s a bit cluttered for my taste. I would like to see more empty space to make the shadows more dynamic.
    Nice job! Don’t forget your thumbnail sketches

  2. You nailed the water drip! I am totally in love with it! I like how you used things that are all white and played with light. I really like that idea and I think you did a great job lighting it. I was a bit confused what all the things were but once I read the caption I realized the items didn’t matter as much because they were all white things.

    Lets get real though, you totally dominated this with the drip picture! The red, the lighting the details of it all…I am beyond impressed. 🙂

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