“He didn’t win that fight. I lost it. I had five fights in a row and I was burnt out,” explained Kyle Kinney. St. Charles sophomore Kyle “the AK” Kinney won his first seven fights as an mixed-martial arts fight but lost the last time he fought.

Kyle Kinney makes his protein packed breakfast after his morning workout. "I'm not suppose to eat processed food but it's not breakfast without bacon," said Kinney.

 “I’ve gotten better at managing my school load, friends, work, and training,” said Kinney, “I try not to take as many fights during the school year.

Kinney got interesting in MMA fighting in high school so he started wrestling. He wasn’t interested in basketball or football and wrestling was a good place to start to eventually get into fighting.

“I transferred to a different high school so that I could get better,” said Kinney.

Tommy squirts water into Kinney's mouth after a sparring match. Kinney is starting his training for his next fight that is two months away.

Kinney wraps his hands before entering the ring to practice his kick boxing skills.

Kinney finishes his homework while his friends play call of duty at his house. "I've gotten pretty good at managing my time between school, work, and fighting practice," said Kinney.

Kinney practices kick boxing against Bret "The Spyder" Sbardella during his workout at Elite Fitness in Mount Plesant. "He sure doesn't go easy on you," said Kinney while taking a break after Sbardella delivered a hard blow to his leg.

Kinney got the nickname “the AK” because he kicks and chops at legs like an Ak-47 would and his punches are like an Ak-47.

“My punches aren’t very accurate but they are powerful,” said Kinney.

Photos taken after a fight Kinney won. Kinney is currently 7-1.

Currently Kinney is training for his fight coming up in December  at Elite Fitness in Mount Pleasant. This involves increasing his workout and cutting bad foods out of his diet


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