Dancing And Dodging

Ashleigh Wrubel does a dance pose. Wrubel has been dancing since she was five but was set back during high school where she tore her ACL now she mostly teaches.

Matt Gross picks up a dodge ball in the beginning of game line-up. Gross plays for the Central Michigan Club Dodgeball Team; they won nationals last season and are hoping to repeat.

I shot Ashleigh before the in class demo and Matt after. I defiantly notice the technical differences between the two and prefer the dodge ball  in that aspect but I like the dancer one better just because I feel its different and more interesting. Overall, it went well. The lighting worked for both subjects. I had issues in my first shoot because the fill light wouldn’t always trigger.


4 thoughts on “Dancing And Dodging

  1. I like how the first picture is in black and white. It conveys a different mood and it fits the subject well. I also like the composition of the second image. I like the props and the movement in the picture. Also, I think it was a good idea to shoot him while he is running for the ball. Overall, I liked both ideas and I think each one was shot very well.

  2. I like the idea you went with for the dodgeball guy, I know you said you were having trouble figuring out a way to convey him other than just standing with a ball. I like the dancer, but from just looking at it i don’t know if it says super flexible or dancer, I would have liked to see her dancing.

  3. I like your first photo’s subject. Her pose is unique and interesting to look at. I like your choice of black and white – it fits and is very tranquil. You can tell she really loves dancing, her smirk looks sincere.

    I like the action in your second photo. It would have been easy to get a shot of him holding a dodgeball, but the multiple balls and action give the photo a fun and interesting to look at. Your composition and lighting was well executed, I enjoy seeing the shadows of the balls and that you stopped his motion.

  4. I really like the dance portrait. I’m glad you chose black and white. It brings out a softness that makes the picture for me.

    The dodgeball one is good too. I wish there would have been more action, but I know how you struggled with this.

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