Tribe Day

Tribe day is a unique day where colors are pitted against each other for a chance at calling themselves the best. In the morning campers of Camp Kamaji participate in activities, ranging from tug-of-war canoe style to creating a dance for your tribe, and in the afternoon is the water relays. Everyone gets decked out in their colors and cheer on their tribes.

The red tribe and blue tribe try to paddle the other canoe towards them in Tug-of-war canoe style.


Melanie Zanders spits a water melon seed as far as she can into the lake during tribe day. Desert for lunch is always watermelon and campers stand around the docks spitting their seeds into the lake.


Campers watch as counselor Nina Katz puckers up to spit out her watermelon seed.


Camper Olivia Morison takes the peice of peanut butter coated bread and puts it on her face to swim in the last water relay on tribe day.


After all four team memebers of the relay have swam with the piece of peanut butter bread attached to their face the last camper has to eat the soggy piece of bread in order to complete the relay.


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