Fury of the Called

Fury of the Called (FotC) is a dagorhir RSO on Central Michigan University’s campus. They create characters for themselves, make weapons and costumes, and battle it out.


5 thoughts on “Fury of the Called

  1. Katie, you did a great job. I thought the topic was so interesting. It immediately pulled the viewers in. The strongest part of the video was definitely the girl you interviewed. You used perfect quotes. Nice job weaving the natural sound and interview; however, like Alex and Beth said, the wind was pretty noticeable.. but not much you can do with our equipment. Good job, girlfriend!

  2. I owuld have liked to see them making the weapons. The battle shots were good, but all kind of the same.
    Good job, the girl you picked was fun to listen to.

  3. Cool video. I have seen those people out there before and there are some interesting characters in that bunch.

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