Big Brothers Big Sisters Soundslide

Michele Redick and Shawn spend lots of time together. They go out to eat, go to sporting events, ice skating, golfing and fishing together. The two of them do lots of things brothers and sisters do together expect they aren’t. They met each other six years ago after filling out a personal survey through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in Midland.
“We got matched up through personal interests like sports and being outside,” said Redick.
Both have gotten great experiences and learned a lot from each other. Redick has seen Shawn grow and become more confident and she herself enjoys having someone to hang out with.
“You can just call up your big when you want to hang,” explained Shawn, “It’s a great way to take a break from schoolwork and be involved in something.”


3 thoughts on “Big Brothers Big Sisters Soundslide

  1. Loved it Katie! Great natural sound and pictures. Liked the fact that you could get both your big and your little to talk. Great interview. Audio was really nice.

    Could have used a few more details, which I know you wanted, but you captured some really great moments C:

  2. I agree with Bethany, you could use a few more details pics, but I love how you used the natural sounds to make your soundslide make sense, they work well from shopping mall to ice skating place. Nice Job!

  3. I think you had a really good variety of images. It was great that you got to go to the mall with them. I think those were my favorite of the sets of them.
    I thought you opened it up nicely with the conversation between the two of them.

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